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Arashiyama Kitcho Facilities
Arashiyama Kitcho Facilities
Here is a 3-day 2-night package featuring a special dinner course by the head chef of Japanese Cuisine "Arashiyama Kitcho" and a luxurious resort hotel stay with Spa or Relaxation and use of the bar or cafe. Enjoy a time of luxury that can only be experienced in the grand nature of Toya, Hokkaido - Japan. Enjoy a collaboration of Japanese and Western style luxury with:
<Day 1> A special dinner course in our "Arashiyama Kitcho" tatami room with select ingredients of Hokkaido prepared with traditional techniques of Kyoto Kitcho
<Day 2> Relaxation at the spa zone and lobby, and in the grandeur of Toya
<Day 3> A leisurely Check Out time 48 hours after the time you check in

The Premier Style stay is for guests who wish to spend a time of luxury at The Windsor Hotel TOYA with Premier Style advantages including 24 hour stay and concierge and drink services at our Premier Salon.  
・Our spacious Junior Suite (58u)  
・Our G8 Summit Suite (91u〜) which accommodated the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit leaders

■Dining    Please choose from French or Japanese style breakfast.  

(1) Hotel Dining "Gilligan's Island" (French)    
Wake up to a sparkling wine breakfast at our dining hall complete with a full view of Lake Toya.  
(2) Japanese Restaurant "Tojisanka"    Here is our healthy Japanese style breakfast set featuring fresh local ingredients.    
*Served at our special dining hall "EC Salon ~Experimental Cuisine~" located on the 1st floor.  
(3) Room Service    Perfect for guests with a late night check in or who wish to enjoy breakfast with a view from their room.    
1 "Arashiyama" Dinner Course is included during your stay.  The Special Course includes 10 dishes by the Head Chef and 3 options to choose from. Please see below.
【Option 1】 Kitcho's Recommended Japanese Sake - 2 cups (Approximately 7 types to choose from)  
【Option 2】 Premium Soft Drinks - 2 glasses (Queen of Blue Oolong Tea, Jewel of Flowers HANA Jasmine Tea, Pfalzer Traubensaft Red or White Non-Alcohol Wine), and Special Confections from Kyoto Kitcho  
【Option 3】 If Option 3, please have all party members choose this option. Tea Ceremony, Premium Soft Drink - 1 glass, and Special Confections from Kyoto Kitcho  *The course will be served in our tatami room.
■Relaxation  Aromatherapy 90 mins. (Resort Spa "Bloom SPA Toya") *By reservation only    or  Relaxation 120 mins. (Full Body Massage Indulgence Course)
■Drink Ticket  Champagne Coctail at Main Bar "Polo Bar"    or  Kawashima Coffee Cake Set at Lobby Lounge "Cafe Z"

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