【Vegan Kyoto Cuisine】Collaborate with Japanese breakfast culture


【THE JUNEI HOTEL Vegan Kyo Kaiseki Gozen】

【1】Even if you eat a lot, be kind to your body and enjoy a vegan breakfast with high detoxification effect
【2】Experience Kyoto's unique catering culture called "Shidasshi"
【3】Lunch and dinner can also be arranged as optional service

THE JUNEI HOTEL offers Vegan Kyoto cuisine breakfast made from organic vegetables and gluten free foods, which does not use egg, milk, wheat, dairy products, meat, fish- no gelatin and any animal ingredients. Ingredients and seasoning are mainly organic.
What is called the origin of Britain in the etymology of vegan is "vibrant and healthy", it prepares your body with a healthy lifestyle and prepares your life.
THE JUNEI HOTEL will cooperate with the Kyoto Vegan specialty store, and will combine a healthy vegan breakfast with Kyoto's special catered dish culture and deliver Vegan Kyo Kaiseki to your room. Please come and enjoy the body-friendly future food while enjoying the extraordinary space. Idea menu is special every day. You can order from 2 people.
■ Information on your breakfast time ■
It will be delivered to your room from 7 AM to 9: 00 AM. Please write your time in the remarks.
The breakfast will be served as a vending meal of Vegan Kyo Kaiseki.
Every Tuesday, the year-end and new year is a regular holiday.
※ Regular holiday, so the content of the dish will be changed, please contact us separately.
※ We use organic vegetables as much as possible, but depending on the time and vegetables season, we may choose something other than organic. All seasonings use organic ones.
※ Allergic response, we support wheat allergy, but some foods can not respond. For example, nuts and soybeans are very important food ingredients, so we can not respond.
※ For breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegan sushi menu is offered as optional service (4500 yen per person). Please reserve by 17 pm two days before arrival.
※Normal Japanese breakfast also would be served, please check the plan called『Kyoto Japanese style breakfast』.
〜Information from THE JUNEI HOTEL〜
◆ No smoking in the whole building
◆ Check in at 15:00, check out at 11:00
◆ Luggage can be stored before check-in and after check out (for free)
◆ All rooms can be connected free "Wi-Fi"
◆ Welcoming with infants
◆ super fine mattress made in Sata
◆ Shigaraki pottery bath
◆ Hot water is hydrogen water
◆ Comfortable aroma spreading in the hall
◆ Relaxing Healing Music
◆ All rooms equipped with air purifier

◆◆◆ Notice ◆◆◆
・There is no parking area in the hotel. Please use nearby coin parking
・There is no restaurant in the hotel, please come in after you have had a meal.
・If check-in will past 24 o'clock, please do not hesitate to contact the hotel.

This plan is getting ready.