【Reward Yourself Plan】Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Reward Yourself Plan
Reward Yourself Plan
-Reward Yourself- Plan
Leave it to THE JUNEI HOTEL to provide you with the finest state of relaxation in Kyoto.
After removing the unnecessary activated oxygen from your body with a dip the Shiragaki bathtub filled with hydrogenated water, soothe your body and mind with an aroma oil massage.
The extra cleansing your body and spirit will receive make a fitting reward for all the hard work you put into your life.
The Finest Aroma Oils
We use only carefully selected oils from entirely botanical sources. Before the massage service, we select the oils from our high quality collection based on consultation with you about your preferences, your mood, and your physical condition.

By using aroma oils in this service, you can enjoy the full comforting, relaxing effects of aromatherapy. Not only does the massage encourage blood flow and lymph fluid flow, but your body absorbs the oil directly through your skin, which has a rejuvenating effect. Furthermore, it encourages coordination of your cerebrospinal nerve with your autonomic nervous system, and it can relieve various aches and pains.

 Plan Details:
Overnight stay with your choice of aroma oil or regular massage
Massage duration: 60 minutes
  • Please inform us by email or telephone of your preferred service date and type.
  • If you would like to increase to a 90 or 120 minute plan, please inform us in advance. Please note that extending an aroma oil massage is 6,000 JPY per 30 minutes.
  • Please understand that services for two men will be performed in two separate sessions.
  • We politely refuse this service to guests who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, are ill, or are injured.
  • Please note that in case you are late to your scheduled time, it will not be possible to extend your booked time.
◇ This service is provided on the beds in the hotel rooms, so depending on your room type and the number of participants, the service will be performed in separate sessions instead of concurrently. We appreciate your understanding in the following cases:
※Deluxe Twin: When more than two people are booked
※Premium Double: When more than one person is booked 

Special event announcement:

“JUNEI Memory - The Quiet Elegance of Plum, a Brilliant Sign of Spring in Kyoto”
During the first signs of spring in Kyoto from January 5th to February 28th, 2023, we invite all our guests to enjoy a very special stay with our event, “JUNEI Memory - The Quiet Elegance of Plum, a Brilliant Sign of Spring in Kyoto.”
Even under the ongoing demeanor of winter, plum blossoms are one of the first whispers of spring in Japan’s ancient capital
We hope that enjoying this wide array of Japanese “ume” plum specialties will harken a bright and wonderful 2023.

During this period, please enjoy mineral-rich natural bath salt from the Dead Sea infused with the robust scent of plum blossoms, so that your blissful bath time might nourish both your skin and your soul.
Our other seasonal welcome gifts include refreshingly light ume plum juice and a traditional sweet called “Usubeni” produced by long-established Kyoto confectioner Suetomi. Please relax and enjoy them as the tastes of Kyoto’s early spring.
As THE JUNEI HOTEL, it is our promise to provide these glimmering, auspicious moments, filled with the blissful scent of ume.
Event Information:
Time Frame: For guests who check-in from January 5th to February 28th, 2023

All guests shall be provided the following special gifts:

【Plum Blossom Scented Natural Bath Salt】
These natural bath salt crystals are from the minerally-rich Dead Sea. Their high level of purity and mineral content gently moisturizes the skin and helps warm the body from its core. The robust fragrance of the plum blossoms will envelop you and whisk you off to a bath time full of sheer bliss.

【Suetomi’s “Usubeni”】
Known for their bright turquoise packaging, Suetomi is a long-established Kyoto confectioner. “Usubeni” is one of their sweets, comprised of light and airy fu-no-yaki crackers sandwiching a dried plum pulp center. We hope you will enjoy this refined treat and its wafting plum flavor.
KIMINO DRINKS, which makes drinks from seasonal fruits throughout the year with waters that spring from mountains around the Kansai region, presents this lightly flavored juice for a brisk and elegant drinking experience.
We look forward to welcoming you with this array of plum gifts, and hope that you will feel embraced by the coming of spring.


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