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hot spring【野天 閑雅山荘】
hot spring【野天 閑雅山荘】

Western dinner & Japanese-western breakfast

Italian dinner buffet plan at hotel “The Pavone”
Casual rooms that you can easily choose from Up to high-quality rooms for a higher-grade resort stay We offer room types to suit guests of various styles.

Gourmet food, hot springs, various events, etc.

We offer plenty of entertainment during your stay.
It can also be used as a base for various activities.
Please stretch out the wings of your heart to your heart's content.

Comes with a bathing ticket to the "Natural Hot Spring - Nobeha-no-Yu" (野天 閑雅山荘) (general sale 1,800 yen)!
Enjoy the ultimate luxury in a natural hot spring.
“Rock bath” that leads to a large rock cave, “Lying bath” where you can feel the pleasant breeze, At the end of the path, there are hidden hot springs such as “Morinoyu” 
where you can see trees close up. There are open-air baths of various sizes scattered around.
Soaking in a bath surrounded by trees, listening to the chirping of wild birds and the scent of a bonfire, While listening to the sound of the wind passing through the trees, Feel nature with all your five senses and enjoy an extremely luxurious time.
※You can only take a bath once during your stay.
※A ticket is required to take a bath. (We will give it to you at the hotel front desk.)

We will provide an Italian dinner buffet.
*The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
*Contents may change without notice due to purchasing circumstances.
We will provide a Japanese and Western style morning buffet.
*Usage hours are 7:00-10:00 (L.O. 9:30) 
*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (including specific days) are 6:30-10:00 (L.O. 9:30). 



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