『Kyoto Japanese style breakfast』Experience only in Kyoto


Our Japanese traditional Kyoto breakfast is made by a 100 years old restaurant using seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood, and delivered directly to your room.
Please let us know at what time from 7 am to 9 am you would like to have it served.

■ Kyoto Japanese style breakfast contents ■
Sashimi (sliced raw fish)*
Seasonal dishes (5 to 6 items)
Japanese style pickles

* If you are unable to eat raw fish, contents can be changed to tempura (battered fried seafood).
We can also offer vegan breakfast made by an specialized restaurant for an additional fee.
On both cases, please kindly inform us beforehand so that the preparatives can be made.

〜Information from THE JUNEI HOTEL〜
◆ No smoking in the whole building
◆ Check in at 15:00, check out at 11:00
◆ Luggage can be stored before check in and after check out (for free)
◆ All rooms have free Wi-Fi available
◆ Highest quality mattress made by Serta
◆ Shigaraki pottery bathtub with hydrogen water
◆ Comfortable aroma spreading in the hall
◆ Relaxing healing music
◆ All rooms equipped with an air purifier

◆◆◆ Notice ◆◆◆
・There is no parking area in the hotel. Please use a nearby coin parking
・There is no restaurant in the hotel
・There is no elevator at the hotel. Pleas inform us if you cannot use the stairs and would like a room on the first floor
・If check in past midnight, please contact the hotel.

Special event announcement:

“JUNEI Memory - The Quiet Elegance of Plum, a Brilliant Sign of Spring in Kyoto”

During the first signs of spring in Kyoto from January 5th to February 28th, 2023, we invite all our guests to enjoy a very special stay with our event, “JUNEI Memory - The Quiet Elegance of Plum, a Brilliant Sign of Spring in Kyoto.”
Even under the ongoing demeanor of winter, plum blossoms are one of the first whispers of spring in Japan’s ancient capital
We hope that enjoying this wide array of Japanese “ume” plum specialties will harken a bright and wonderful 2023.

During this period, please enjoy mineral-rich natural bath salt from the Dead Sea infused with the robust scent of plum blossoms, so that your blissful bath time might nourish both your skin and your soul.
Our other seasonal welcome gifts include refreshingly light ume plum juice and a traditional sweet called “Usubeni” produced by long-established Kyoto confectioner Suetomi. Please relax and enjoy them as the tastes of Kyoto’s early spring.
As THE JUNEI HOTEL, it is our promise to provide these glimmering, auspicious moments, filled with the blissful scent of ume.

Event Information:
Time Frame: For guests who check-in from January 5th to February 28th, 2023

All guests shall be provided the following special gifts:

【Plum Blossom Scented Natural Bath Salt】
These natural bath salt crystals are from the minerally-rich Dead Sea. Their high level of purity and mineral content gently moisturizes the skin and helps warm the body from its core. The robust fragrance of the plum blossoms will envelop you and whisk you off to a bath time full of sheer bliss.

【Suetomi’s “Usubeni”】
Known for their bright turquoise packaging, Suetomi is a long-established Kyoto confectioner. “Usubeni” is one of their sweets, comprised of light and airy fu-no-yaki crackers sandwiching a dried plum pulp center. We hope you will enjoy this refined treat and its wafting plum flavor.

KIMINO DRINKS, which makes drinks from seasonal fruits throughout the year with waters that spring from mountains around the Kansai region, presents this lightly flavored juice for a brisk and elegant drinking experience.

We look forward to welcoming you with this array of plum gifts, and hope that you will feel embraced by the coming of spring.


Room Type/Persons
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
1person / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
2persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
3persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
4persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
5persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
8persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
9persons / 1room
Deluxe Twin Room 禁煙
10persons / 1room
Premium Double Room 禁煙
1person / 1room
Premium Double Room 禁煙
2persons / 1room
Premium Double Room 禁煙
3persons / 1room
Premium Double Room 禁煙
4persons / 1room

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ChildA Or more elementary school students
ChildB Under 7 years old

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