Discount for Long Stay & Any room : 5 nights and more !

Osaka   Kyoto   Kobe
Osaka Kyoto Kobe
Just discount service for many consecutive nights stay! You can take the service for any kind of room.

Free Rental for Premium Towel "Air Kaol." 
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In order to prevent any no-show, we only accept online payment by credit card from 2011.
Your cooperation and understanding would be highly appreciated.

  【Please make sure following points
  1. The room fee is a fixed amount regardless of the people quantity.
  2. Please enter the total quantity of people including children.
  3. Adults and children are counted as adults.
  4. Overpass the room capacity is not allowed except for the overpassing children under 12 years old who sleeps togheter in the same bed or futon.
  5. If there are children under 12 years old who are overpassing the room capacity but sleeping togther, please explain it in the comment box. (You may not be able to enter the total quantity of people over the maximum capacity.)
  6. We will charge 500 yen per child per night when you overpass the room capacity.

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