Nanataki Frozen Waterfall snowshoe trekking plan with a guide [with dinner and breakfast]

【Nanataki Frozen Waterfall】
【Nanataki Frozen Waterfall】

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Use the panoramic ski resort chairlift, wear snowshoes,
and trek on the snow to “Nanataki” in winter from the ski resort!
Please enjoy the extraordinary experience precisely
because it is on the snow and the fantastical “Nanataki Frozen Waterfall,”
where the ice blue of the ice fall with a drop of 25m and the snow
interweave to create a sight that can only be seen during this period.


◆Plan benefits
・Nanataki Frozen Waterfall snowshoe trekking plan with a guide

◆Itinerary (time required for the trek: about three hours)
9:00 a.m. Assemble, receive a lecture, and get on the panoramic ski resort chairlift
~Snowshoe trekking for about one hour
About 10:30 a.m. Arrive at “Nanataki Frozen Waterfall”
~Snowshoe trekking for about 1 hour and 30 minutes
About 12:00 p.m. Arrive back at the hotel

*The place of assembly and dispersal is the reception at the ski school of the panoramic ski resort.
*As the frozen waterfall is a natural phenomenon, there might be changes in the start or end of the period in which this activity is carried out,
and it might also be difficult to trek (thaw, bad weather, etc.) on the day on which the activity is scheduled.

◆Hiking equipment Please participate after having prepared waterproof and coldproof outerwear (skiwear, etc.),
a coldproof hat, coldproof gloves (for skiing, etc.), a spare change of underwear, and coldproof long boots or mountain-climbing shoes.
*We will rent out the snowshoes.
*Gloves and other items are also sold at the store

*This plan includes the trekking admission fee (guide fee, injury insurance).
*The guided trekking is on the day after staying at the hotel.
*After the trekking, you can use the “Hachiman No Yu” public bath inside the hotel.

§§§ About the dinner §§§
Besides enjoying the buffet with various dishes made with plenty of local ingredients, you can also savor foods freshly roasted in a stone oven at the live kitchen.
From 18:00 to 20:00
◆For guests staying at a Mountain Room
◎Chef’s recommended seasonal hors d'oeuvre
◎Main dish: stone oven roasted fish, pork, or beef (please select one)
◆For guests staying at a Standard Room
◎Main dish: Today’s chef-recommended stone oven roasted dish (varies daily).
§§§ About the breakfast §§§
Begin your day with a delicious breakfast!
Please enjoy the buffet with foods made using plenty of local ingredients.
From 7:00 to 9:00
*the main dish may be served a set meal. Please note this beforehand.
*About using the restaurant
Please note that you cannot enter the restaurant wearing a yukata, samue, or sleepwear.

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