【For family use】Welcome to JAPAN ・・・ ONE NIGHT PLAN with dinner and breakfast and hot spring

【For family use】
Welcome to JAPAN ・・・ Thank you for coming to TOHOKU and Hiraizumi, a peaceful utopia.
「SHIZUKATEI」 ONE NIGHT PLAN with dinner and breakfast for enjoying Japanese custom and hot spring.

■Guest rooms
All of the guest rooms are Japanese style rooms. Dinner is served in each room and Japanese-style beddings (futons) are laid out in the room after the dinner. We do not have western style room with beds.
[Number of rooms]10 rooms
[Size of the room]approximately 30uin total(Japanese style room ten-mat room = approximately 16.5u + toilet + washroom)

Considering the fact that Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) chefs prepare the menu which will be remembered as a memory of your trip in Japan.

  Menu: Japanese beef steak, Tempura, Sushi, Sashimi (sliced raw fish),soba, vinegared dishes, rice
  Place: Each guest room
  Starting time:18:00-19:30
   * If you check in later than 19:30, the place and menu may be changed

  Menu: broiled fish, fried egg, Ohitashi(vegetable dipped in soy sauce), cooked dishes, salad, natto, laver (seaweed), rice, miso soup,         coffee
    *If you do not like Japanese dishes, we will prepare American breakfast (toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, salad, coffee, yoghurt)
    *If you would like to have American breakfast, please inform us by e-mail in advance.
  Place: Restaurant
  Time: 7:00〜8:30
    *If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions due to religious reasons or any other, please inform us by e-mail in advance.

■Hot spring
We pour hot spring water, directly coming from 500m below ground, into the big baths.
We call this method 「Kakenagasi」. Since we do not add any other water into the hot spring water, you can surely bring the hot spring minerals to your body. When you take a bath in the hot spring, you would feel smooth and soft water.
The hot spring water contains plenty of carbonate ion and radon, so you can keep your body warm for a long time even after getting out of a bath.

In principle, it is cash payment there. However, if it restricts to this accommodation plan, use of a credit card (VISA) is possible there.

■Cancellation policy
No cancellation notice: Charged 100%
Notice on your arrival date: Charged 50%
Notice by 1 day prior to your arrival date: Charged 30%
Notice by 3 days prior to your arrival date: Charged 25%
Notice by 5 days prior to your arrival date: Charged 20%

Child A: Dinner-Special menu for child, Breakfast-Same as that for Adult
       (Child A=elementary-age child, Charge: depending on the selected plan)
Child C: Meal and bedclothes not prepared
       (Child C=Age 0 or older, Charge: JPY2,100 as facility charge)


7月の空室状況   -  和室10畳(トイレ付)   2名1室  -

2020/ 7 2020/ 8 2020/ 9 2020/ 10 2020/ 11 2020/ 12

※大人一名様分の料金となります。 ( 消費税込 )

数字 : 残室数です    

和室10畳(トイレ付) 禁煙
和室10畳(トイレ付) 禁煙
和室10畳(トイレ付) 禁煙

小人A 夕食子どもメニュー・朝食大人に準じた内容
小学生対象 プランにより料金が異なります
小人B 夕食ランチメニュー・朝食大人に準じた内容
未就学児対象 プランにより料金が異なります
小人C 食事・寝具の利用なし
2歳以上対象 施設使用料として2200円
小人D 2歳未満は、無料



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