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Stay Plan La Foret(Dinner and Breakfast)

Française Japonais course
Française Japonais course
Our standard plan which is the most popular plan at our hotel, includes one night accommodation with dinner and breakfast.

Dinner is a full course French dinner, Française Japonais . Française Japonais is an original culinary style that combines the traditional French cuisine as a base and incorporates Japanese style ingredients and cooking styles. The finished style is easy on the palate and brimming with originality. The main meat dish is prepared using Garden Broche , a wood burning stove which makes the meat flavorful as well as juicy.

Française Japonais breakfast menu uses Japanese vegetables not usually used in French cuisine as well as sauces using pot herbs and a hint of soy sauce. Please enjoy the taste of vegetables as they were meant to be tasted. That is the wish of our chef who carefully prepares the dishes.

We will prepare the Française Japonais course which uses a wood burning stove for our main dish at our restaurant.
[Operating hours] 17:30~20:30 (Last order)

You can choose from a Française Japonais breakfast or an American breakfast at the restaurant.
[Operating hours] 7:30~9:30 (Last order)
* You can also choose a Japanese breakfast as well. A Japanese breakfast must be reserved by 20:00 on the date of your arrival.


Room Type/Persons
Standard Twin Room 禁煙
1person / 1room
Standard Twin Room 禁煙
2persons / 1room
Standard Twin Room 禁煙
3persons / 1room

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Child A : Child up to 12 years old
Child B : Child up to 9 years old
Child C : Until 6 years old(using a bed,no meal)
Child D : Until 6 years old(nobed,nomeal)

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