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[Friday Only!] The Highest Luxury - Zazen Workshop (Breakfast included)

■ What is Zazen? ■
Zazen is the fundamental method of practicing Zen. During Zazen, practitioners sit in a proper posture and meditate to find who they are and try to live in a way they truly are. In modern, there are little time for introspection in the daily life, and that’s why Zazen attracts lot of attention of many people, including celebrities.

■What are the effects of Zazen?■
It is expected that correcting and adjusting the posture, breathing and mind can solve problems, relive stress and improve concentration. Taking time for introspection causes changes in your mind and soul. 
Perhaps what you worry is not a big deal if you think from a calmer perspective, or you might find out what is truly important to you during Zazen.

■Guidance from a Monk■
Zazen workshops are held under the guidance of a monk from 8:30 PM in the Great Hall on the first floor on the day of your stay. Do not worry if you do not know the proper methods and etiquette because the monk will guide you with clear instructions. 
Wa-Qoo Shitaderamachi is a lodging facility located in Osaka’s Shitaderamachi area, which is surrounded by nearly 80 temples and shrines. So, you can experience Japanese traditions during your stay, including visits shrines and temples, participating in Zazen workshops. 

□This Plan includes
・Zazen workshop (From 8:30 PM in the 1F Great Hall) 
*We provide an information pamphlet of Zazen written in English, but the guidance from the monk is in Japanese. 
・Meals (Dinner: Shojin ryori (vegetarian dish for Buddhist monks)/ Breakfast: porridge) 
・Religious morning ceremony experience (at a nearby temple) 
It will change to Zazen on the date of Shitennoji Temple Zazen sessions.
For detailed schedule, please feel free to inquire at the front desk. 

□ Experience activities
・Sutra transcribing (tracing a picture of a Buddhist image or sitting meditation)
・Morning Buddhist ceremony
A special activity that enables participants to experience practices―such as the rite of burning wood sticks (gomadaki), prayer and Buddihst chant (shomyo) ―which the monks begin a day at Buddhist temples. Enjoy the fresh morning air and religious atmosphere in the temple during the hours before it opens to the public.
Note: The evening activity will be changed to sitting meditation when a sitting meditation is held at Gochikoin Temple, an Important Cultural Property located in the Shitennoji temple complex. 

□ Meals
Enjoy Buddhist cuisine (shojin ryori) to your heart’s content. The meal is specially prepared using many seasonal ingredients for attractive appearance and flavor. 
Note: The breakfast features porridge(okayu) is good for beauty and heath, helps ensure the silky smoothness of the skin and best physical shape.
Fresh from the oven, Wa-Qoo porridge(okayu) features the distinctive flavor of kelp-based stock. Okayu is considered to have a great impact on your beauty and health. The porridge  is substantialicious but low-calorie. It is also gentle to the stomach and make your skin more beautiful. 

□ Guest room
・Soft and warm duvet bedding ensures comfort.
・An air purifier with a humidifier is available to maintain comfortable levels of moisture.
・Wi-Fi connection is available for free.
・The traditional mat (tatami) floor is very relaxing.
The guest room is also furnished with amenities and convenient features. 

・Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station, Tanimachi subway line (Exit 5, 6 mins on foot)
・Ebisu-cho Station, Sakaisuji subway line (Exit 1-A, 6 mins on foot )
・A short walk from Shitaderamachi 2-chome bus stop: Waku-Shitaderamachi Mae (Abeno & Uehonmachi Shuttle, operated by Kintetsu Bus)

□ Attractions nearby
・A convenience store (5 mins on foot)
・Shitennoji Temple, the head temple of the Washu sect (15 mins on foot)
・Parking is available (near the hotel, parking fee required) 

□ Recommended services
・Guided walks
Note: Services may not be available depending on the circumstances.

There are lots of famous shrines and temples in the neighborhood. Shitennoji Temple, the head temple of the Washu sect, is associated with the great prince Shotoku Taishi of ancient times. Aizendo-Shoman-in Temple is popularly believed to bring romance and business success. Shitaderamachi Wa-Qoo is at an ideal location for visiting nearby attractions and spiritual energy sites.


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Twin Room
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Premium Room
2persons / 1room
Premium Room
3persons / 1room

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