Wa-Qoo shitaderamachi

【Activity】Healing your body and mind-Private Zazen Workshop (Limited to 1 group per day)

WAQOO Shitaderamachi stands in a deeply historical town where is full of clean air. Why not visit a corner of the nostalgic townscape and participate in a Private Zazen workshop alone or with your family or bosom friends?

■ What is Zazen? ■
Zazen is a form of Zen training in which you regulate your posture and breath while in a seated position and attempt to achieve oneness of mind. Harmonizing your posture, breath, and mind is said to help improve concentration and active your brain.
As styles of Zazen differ from religions and sects, there are also mindfulness and meditation.

■Limited to 1 group per day. Instruction from a Priest ■
Private Zazen workshops are limited to 1 group (Maximum: 5 people) per day. There will be a priest giving instruction according to participants’ needs for the group. The priest will guide you with clear instructions and tell you about the proper methods and etiquette. No matter you are a beginner or not, you can learn the quintessential spirit of Zazen.

Of course, it’s OK to come here alone!
Please come to receive the one-on-one instruction and experience the release of mental and physical that you cannot feel in daily life. 

□The Fee includes
-The Zazen Instruction from a Priest 
-The rental of Zen meditation cushions or other items for Zazen

20:15~ Registration
20:30~ Introductions & Start
~22:00 End 

- Please be punctual.
- Please wear relaxing clothes easy to cross your legs.
- The instruction regarding authentic Zazen is provided by a priest visiting from a nearby temple. Sects vary depending on days, we are sorry for unable to accept your designation for the sect. 
- The instruction is only in Japanese and simple English.


Click "A" or "Fa" to proceed to reservation form on above conditions.

ChildA Children 6-12 years old
ChildB Children 0-5 years old

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