【Only Official Website】Plan with Powdered Green Tea from Kyoto Uji “Oku no Yama Tea Garden

Plan with Powdered Green Tea from Kyoto Uji “Oku no Yama Tea Garden” 

[Benefits of this plan]
・“Oku no yama” 1can (20g) per person

【Horii Shichimeien】
Horii Shichimeien operates “Oku no Yama Tea Garden,” located at the top of the hill overlooking the Byodoin Temple. It is a well-known tea shop that still carries out the traditional cultivation method even today. During the Muromachi Era, General Ashikaga who was impressed with the taste of Uji tea designated seven places of excellent tea in the land of Uji, which were later called “Uji Shichimeien.” 


[Important Notice (Please be sure to check the following notice before booking a room.)]

<Payment and timing
Your reservation is concluded when the reservation completion notice is displayed on the screen.
-Pre-payment can be done by credit card :credit card settlement when the reservation is completed
-Payment at reception : cash or credit card
No refund after stay.

*If you cancel your reservation within 21 days before the scheduled accommodation date, we will charge you a cancellation charge.

Our reception desk is located away from the townhouse. Before going to the townhouse, please be sure to check in at the “Reception of Kyo no Ondokoro on the 1st floor of the Wacoal New Kyoto Bldg” during the business hours. 
*If you go to the townhouse without check-in, you will not be able to enter the townhouse. Please be careful.
*When you check out, you do not need to visit our reception.

Reception of Kyo no Ondokoro
1st Floor of Wacoal New Kyoto Bldg., 6 Kitanouchi-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8506
TEL: 075-556-0156
■Business hours: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

<Baggage Service>
We offer the service of storing your baggage at the reception desk.
Baggage received by 2:00 PM will be transported to your townhouse free of charge (one baggage per guest).
* Baggage check is only available during business hours on the day of check-in or checkout.
*Please note that we will not take any responsibilities for the damage, loss, etc. of your baggage, unless such damage, loss, etc. was caused by the intention or gross negligence of our facilities. Thank you for your understanding.
*We cannot accept baggage sent via home-delivery services or mail services (reception).

<Entry to the Townhouse>
You will be allowed to enter the townhouse from 4:00PM after completing the check-in procedure at the reception.
*There is no stationed staff in townhouse.
*Please go to the townhouse by yourself.



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Child Needs Futon Need beds (Japanese Futon) and amenities=Same as the adult accommodation fees
Child No Needs Futon  No beds (Japanese Futon) and amenities=No accommodation fees

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