Main Wing【Room plan of mosquito net】 Please experience the mosquito net of Japanese culture

Please experience the mosquito net of Japanese culture
Please experience the mosquito net of Japanese culture

・Wouldn't you like to experience traditional Japanese summer in the room where taste in summer hung enough mosquito net?
・Are neither the adult one nor the child excited at the sense which has no cases that it was usually tasted at the peculiar space only the person who entered understands in the mosquito net?
・By all means, please spend some time of night in the summer left for the memory in the room of a mosquito net.

・There is a green tea service on arrival.

■ Meals ■
 Meals are served in course style.
 Dining rooms feature Western-style table and chair settings.
 The meal place will be the place designated by the inn.

■ Gentle-on-the-skin Tatsunokuchi source hot springs ■
 The cypress main bath receives the hot spring water at the lower 36.5 ℃temperature--please feel free to alternate between the hotter baths and the cooler waters of the cypress main bath, a common way to help relieve a stiff neck or lower back pain and improve general blood circulation.

 Panoramic open-air bath “Mokusei” / Panoramic Japanese cypress open-air bath “Gyokuryu” / rock bath / private open-air bath (family bath) "Raicho" /50minutes free of charge  ※time bookable

■ Japanese garden ■
 The hotel gardens and Pine Springs Pond “Shosenko” features a ceremonial tea house. At any time you can enjoy the bounties of nature, wild birds and scenery from here.
 Spring - Sakura / Summer - lotus, water lily / Fall - autumn leaves / Winter - snow

■ Relaxed-pace 21-hour stay ■
 Check In 14:00 Check Out 11:00
 If you will check-in after 18:00 for delay, please let us know
by e-mail ( or call us at 0761-51-3111.

■ Train station and airport pick-up ■
 JR Komatsu Station JR Matto Station (about 20 minutes)
 Komatsu Airport (about 25 minutes)

Guests arriving via Kanazawa please transfer to the local train for JR Matto Station. Also when returning from Kanazawa area sightseeing trips, please come to Matto Station. We support local arrivals at Matto at < 13:40; 14:10; 15:11; 16:04; 16:42; 17:14 and 18:11>Please make a reservation for pick-up service as soon as your arrival time has been decided.
(The day of check-in, please notify the inn 40-50 minutes before your arrival at Matto station.)

■ Area sights-to-see■
 Kanazawa tours / Kenrokuen, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Higashi Chaya District (a 45-minute drive from Matsusaki)
 Child-friendly / Ishikawa Zoo, Tatsunokuchi hill Park (5 minutes by car), Tedori Fish Land and amusement park (15 minutes by car), Hideki Matsui Baseball Museum (20 minutes by car)

■ Single guests welcome ■
 One-person stays are readily available

■ Children welcome ■
 We offer dishes tailored to baby food, age, baby diaper bucket, baby bedding, and monk’s working clothes for play. Please notify us in advance for arrangements.

■ Golf ■
 Superior golf outings can be arranged (Twin Fields Hakusan Country Club or Komatsu Country Club). Please notify us in advance for arrangements.

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