[Turn the Gacha!] Win your next hotel stay voucher! Agora SDGs Stay

Agora Hotel Alliance has prepared a package that allows you to Try Gacha with prizes such as a hotel stay voucher, a discount coupon, an original badge, and more!
As our official page bonus, you are sure to receive an original Agora badge. These badges are specially handmade one by one at welfare facilities.
Please enjoy your stay where you can participate in SDGs, helping to contribute to sustainable community development.

Plan Benefits
Try gacha and you can win one of the following prizes (one time per room)
1st prize: A hotel voucher for the next stay
2nd prize: 50% off coupon for suites, which can be used next time.
3rd prize: Complimentary late check-out coupon for the next stay
4th prize: 500 yen off coupon for next stay
5th prize: Agora Hotel Alliance original badge

*By booking through our homepage directly, you will be gifted with an original Agora badge on top!



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