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Terms & Agreements

 1. Making a Reservation. 
 (1) Our Online Reservation System allows you to make reservations directly with the 
     hotel through Internet. Room Availability Check can be conducted by those with 
     or without an account ID which is, however, necessary for making reservations.
 (2) If you are a registered member, you can book your reservation at anytime. 
 (3) Your online reservation request will be promptly forwarded to the hotel's email 
 (4) This system can be used for free.
 2. Eligibility.  
 (1) Having an email account allows you to take advantage of this system.

 3. Becoming a Member.   
 (1) Please fill out the membership registration form.  The confirmation letter of 
     your registration will be mailed to your email account.  Your membership account
     will then be activated. 
 (2) The registration is 100% free.  No annual fees or anything of that kind. 

 4. Reservation Contract.  
 (1) The contract is agreed and valid between you and the hotel. 
 (2) The contract is made at the moment you click on the button "Confirm & Send Reservation"
     and it showed "reservation complete" after verifying the reservation details entered in this system. 
 (3) Your personal information entered will be kept secure except when official facilities
     (For example the police, a court of justice) need it.
 (4) Your membership account can be used for booking "New Otani Inn TOKYO" as well.
 5. Method of Payment. 
     Please pay your hotel charges in cash or with a credit card at the time of online
     reservation or check-in.

 6. Updating Your Reservation.  
 (1) If there is any change with your reservation, please kindly modify the reservation 
     details online as soon as possible. 
 (2) If you cannot update your reservation online for any reasons, please kindly contact 
     the hotel directly.  No confirmation letter will be issued in this case.
 7. Cancellation Fee.

     1 day prior to arrival: 20%
     On the day of arrival: 80%
     No-Show(In case you don't contact us beforehand): 100%
     In addition, we ask for confirmation with a reservation confirmation 
     in the case of a lodging plan in particular because cancellation charges are changed.

 8. Our Responsibilities.   
 (1) We will compensate for damages caused to you with this contract IF the hotel is 
     proven to be liable. 
 (2) We have received a safety certificate from Fire Department.  In addition, we carry 
     insurance against fire. 
 (3) In case we are unable to provide you with the room you reserved, with your permission, 
     we will strive to arrange another accommodation of the same category.
 (4) If we are unable to arrange another accommodation despite the terms above, we will pay 
     the monetary compensation for breaching the contract.  However, this policy does not 
     apply unless the hotel is proven to be liable. 
 9. For Further Information
     New Otani Inn Yokohama Premium
     TOCMinatomirai, 1-1-7 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 231-8331
     tel: +81-45-210-0707