Golden Kaiseki full-course dinner <Dining: Kura>

【食事処 蔵・懐石一例】メインのお肉料理は北海道ブランド牛をご用意致します。
【食事処 蔵・懐石一例】メインのお肉料理は北海道ブランド牛をご用意致します。
Providing extravagant hospitality.
Seasonal Japanese-style meal made from Hokkaido’s finest ingredients.
Enjoy a beautiful Japanese KAISEKI in hideaway atmosphere dining area.
※ Only for over 13 years old guests.
※ Dinner: Fourteen-course dinner. Main course is Wagyu (Shiraoigyu).
※ Breakfast: Set menu (Japanese cuisine)
※ Check in time 2:30pm / Check out time 10:00am
※ Shuttle bus service information click here / Shuttle bus reservation click here
※ Please let us know your Yukata size. We have L and 2L for male, M and L for female.
Terms & Conditions
Menu may be changed due to the days’ stock. This is an image picture.
If you are over 5 people group, please make an inquiry before reservation.
The room charge doesn’t include Bathing tax which is JPY150 per person. Please pay to hotel front desk.
Reservation will be accepted more than two guests per room. 
We cannot allow guests to exceed maximum occupancy. Maximum capacity varies depending on the room. Please refer to the room occupancy.
Please note that online reservations can only be cancelled by online.
To make changes, please cancel your existing reservation and make a new one.


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ChildA Child (7 - 12 years old : Meals + Bedding)
ChildB Child (3 - 6 years old : Meals + Bedding)
ChildC Child (3 - 6 years old : Meals + No bedding)
ChildD Child (3 - 6 years old : No meal + Bedding)
ChildE Child (3 - 6 years old : No meal + No bedding)
ChildF Baby (0 - 2 years old : No meal + No bedding)

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