【Lake side view, Buffet plan w/ two meals for one night】2019/4/1〜

Please enjoy our buffet with full of Japanese, Western, and Chinese style cuisines using our house-grown fresh vegetables, and plenty of sweets.

Moreover, the beautiful scene of rich nature with our famous hot spring makes your trip a great one.  Please enjoy the wonderful time with your important family and friends.

※We prepare a room with lake side view. We are sorry, but a room type (Japanese room or Japanese-western room) will be arranged from our side.  Designation is not available.
※Both dinner and breakfast are served in buffet style.
※Reservation will be accepted more than two guests per room. 
 Please note that no child charge will be applied if one of 2 guests are a child: (1 adult + 1 child = 2 adult charges).

※Please confirm vacancy and charges on our web page prior to your reservation.

Please make a call to hotel directly when you need shuttle bus seats. (TEL:81-142-75-2211)
・Reservation Center will open 8:00 〜20:00
kohantei-info@noguchi-k.co.jp is available to reserve your shuttle bus seats also.
When we have been reserved all of our shuttle bus seats from our guest, we might refuse your offer.
We will recommend to contact us early if you need it.
Thank you for your understanding.

【To customers who have hotmail address】
Your reservation mail use hotmail address is recognized as spam mail.
So, please make a reservation with another E-mail address.
Thank you for your understanding.

The fee of child’s can use when you will stay more than 2 adults.
In case of staying one adult and one kid, the kid’s fee will be the same as adult’s.
Please input the column as adult .


Click "A" or "Fa" to proceed to reservation form on above conditions.

We cannot take advantage of the following time for system maintenance of the online settlement.

Date: 29th March 2017
Time: From 0:00am to 6:30am of Japanese time.

ChildA Child (7 - 12 years old : Meals + Bedding)
ChildB Child (3 - 6 years old : Meals + Bedding)
ChildC Child (3 - 6 years old : Meals + No bedding)
ChildD Child (3 - 6 years old : No meal + Bedding)
ChildE Child (3 - 6 years old : No meal + No bedding)
ChildF Baby (0 - 2 years old : No meal + No bedding)


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