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Suite Room of Japanese with an open air bath

501数寄屋露天風呂客室 502数寄屋客室 華楽お料理イメージ<夏> cuisine course menu summer 華楽 瀬戸内海の幸イメージ 華楽 広島牛 お料理イメージ the image of dinner "Wagyu" menu

12.5 tatami mat size (20.7 sqm [222.8 square feet]) Japanese Style room, plus a waiting room

total 66.9 square meters [720.1 square feet] in the room

(dinner) Japanese style (local fish
from the Seto Inland Sea, local vegetables etc. )
(breakfast) Japanese style

Please note that dinner time is (18:00~19:30) , and breakfast time is (7:00~8:30)

(#501)As though from the hands of master craftsmen of Japan's ancient capital in Kyoto, you can feel the presence of traditional Japanese culture. Like the design minutia on a fanlight or a old type of Chinese-style rice paper sliding door, for those who have a taste of a master craftsman's playful spirit, we pledge to you the highest degree of relaxation.
From an open air bath made from hinoki cedar, with one sweep of the eye through the open window you can take in the seaward view of the O-Torii gate in front of the Itsukushima Shrine, the Gojunoto (five-story pagoda) and the Senjokaku Shrine. In the evening's twilight, stone lanterns cast a magical light on the sea.



Available Term May 5 2016 to Dec 31 2017
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast
Payment Method Online payments by credit card.

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