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sankara hotel&spa Yakushima   Planning List

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Samudra Villa Dinner & Breakfast

A standard guestroom.
Villas with 24 guestrooms in 12 complexes are located throughout the forest. Feature a bedroom, living area and a multi-purpose room. A daybed is available for the living area.

Twin-bed room/53 u
12 complexes/24 guestrooms
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Sankara Suite Dinner & Breakfast

The most luxurious suite room in the main hall.
The room comes with a spa room, so you can enjoy spa treatment in the comfort of your room and an outdoor bath to enjoy the nature of Yakushima. Alleviate fatigue from outdoor activities.

Two-bed suite/126 u
1 room in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Sankara Villa Suite Dinner & Breakfast

A large villa has a wooden deck in the ocean-view room.
The room offers the luxury of doing nothing at all.
Twin-bed room/104 u
1 room in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Sankara Junior Suite Dinner & Breakfast

The room is decorated in a modern Asian style with a wood theme.
The rich finish of teak creates a comfortable, natural ambience.
Twin-bed suite/71 u in the main hall.
3 rooms in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

UPGRADE to Restaurant “okas”【sankara experience】

“Experience with your senses”
Savor the blessings from Yakushima in restaurant “okas”.
Yakushima filled with greatest nature and crystal clear air. A lot of Ingredients what have been brought up by nature of Yakushima, Chef creates natural French cuisine with them.
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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