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sankara hotel&spa Yakushima   Planning List

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Sankara Suite Dinner & Breakfast

The most luxurious suite room in the main hall.
The room comes with a spa room, so you can enjoy spa treatment in the comfort of your room and an outdoor bath to enjoy the nature of Yakushima. Alleviate fatigue from outdoor activities.

Two-bed suite/126 u
1 room in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Sankara Villa Suite Dinner & Breakfast

A large villa has a wooden deck in the ocean-view room.
The room offers the luxury of doing nothing at all.
Twin-bed room/104 u
1 room in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Sankara Junior Suite Dinner & Breakfast

The room is decorated in a modern Asian style with a wood theme.
The rich finish of teak creates a comfortable, natural ambience.
Twin-bed suite/71 u in the main hall.
3 rooms in total
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

UPGRADE to Restaurant “okas”【sankara experience】

“Experience with your senses”
Savor the blessings from Yakushima in restaurant “okas”.
Yakushima filled with greatest nature and crystal clear air. A lot of Ingredients what have been brought up by nature of Yakushima, Chef creates natural French cuisine with them.
Available Term Jan 30 2016 to Mar 31 2018
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

Premium WAGYU course dinner in “okas”【sankara cuisine】

Nakayama prime beef “WAGYU” centric dishes.
Nakayama WAGYU is raised with care by Mr.Nakayama in Kagoshima.
*Original feed mixed with brewer’s yeast,
*that region where they have been brought up fill with such as lush greenery and crystal clear air.
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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