HAKKEI   Planning List

ChildA Kids couse Dinner and Breakfast with futon and amenity 70% of Adult couse.
ChildB Kids plate Dinner and Breakfast with Futon and amenity . 50% of Adult couse.
ChildC age over 2〜6 include with amenity, rice and dessert is 1620 yen
ChildD age0〜2 free
ChildE Baby meal is available.
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Let’s stay Hakkei and enjoy 50 kinds of vegetable!!

季節野菜の焚き合わせ 屋上露天 空の湯 お土産 地鶏のゆで卵 玄関 お祝い絵馬

Let’s stay Hakkei and enjoy 50 kinds of vegetable!!

We would like to recommend you to taste Yamazato (means mountain village) Cuisine,
of which we are proud. When you stay overnight and have dinner and breakfast, you will be able to recognize how we take care of our guests and how we cook local materials.
During your staying in Hakkei, you will feel our warm hospitality and find Japanese authentic taste. Even though you stay continuously, we change menu every night according to your requests, in case of special material, extra charge may be added.

Our regular menu will be changed every month. Please do not hesitate to inform us of any food allergy, medical or religious restrictions, when needed, we will make any arrangements as much as possible.

Our executive chef Seiya Masahara, who had beat up Iron Chef of Japanese cuisine, never do to with taste stronger than original sweetness of vegetable to keep taste of materials themselves.

----------onsen-wear 【YUAMI-GI】 free Rental --------------------

Available Term Apr 23 2015 to Aug 31 2017
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast
Payment Method Online payments by credit card.

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