Dai-ichi Takimoto kan   Plan List

Child A Elementary school students
Child B Pre-school with meals and bedding
Child C Pre-school with bedding
Child D Pre-school with meals  
Child E Pre-school with no meals or bedding
(0–2 years: free) 

An additional hot spring tax of 300 yen per adult is required at hotel reception.
An administration fee might be charged when you make a cancellation according to the credit card company's policy.

With advanced notice, we can prepare special meals for children,
vegetarians and people with food allergies and other special requirements.

For customers with allergies, religious or special individual food preferences,
we can adjust the recipes for Japanese dishes and the children’s set menu in Yunosato Restaurant and In-room Dining
if you inform us of your special needs in advance when booking.

In the Buffet Restaurants, foods containing ingredients prone to causing allergies such as
“eggs, wheat, milk, shrimp, crab, buckwheat and peanuts” are noted on the dish descriptions.

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In-room Dining - Kaiseki Crab Dinner

Crab Special Kaiseki (image)
Crab Special Kaiseki (image)
Crab Special Kaiseki (image) Hair Crab(Image) Enjoy dinner in your room The ground bath Open 24 hours a day Illuminate the road in Hell Valley from sunset to 21:30
The privacy and relaxation of In-room Dining is available to guests staying in the Main Buildings.

Enjoy the exquisite presentation, aromas and flavours of our Japanese Kaiseki Crab set menu, showcasing delicious Noboribetsu and Hokkaido produce and featuring several delicious crab dishes, served in your room.
• Dinner starts from 18:00 - 19:00 and requires approx. 90 minutes to serve all dishes. Times are subject to change.
• Guests who check-in after 19:30 may not be served dinner, and no refund will be given.

• Japanese set menu in Yunosato Restaurant.
• Open 7:00 - 9:00
Available Term Nov 1 2023 to Oct 31 2024
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast
Payment Method Online payments by credit card.

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