Koyasan Shukubo Ekoin   Plan List

ChildA Small dinner and breakfast for a child, with Futon
ChildB No meal, but with Futon
ChildC No meal and No Futon
"Shukubo" means “pilgrims' lodgings in a temple,” which is different from a hotel or a ryokan.

A 1100 year-old Buddhist temple, Ekoin offers Japanese-style accommodation, a beautiful garden and voluminous Buddhist vegetarian cuisine.

Guests are free to attend the Goma fire ritual and Ajikan meditation and can also relax in our hot spring bath and relieve your stress away.

※There are 3 rooms with private bath and toilet in Ekoin.
If you want to book, please select "middle size meal" or "sumptuous meal" and then "superior room" to proceed to book the room.

※If you have problems with sitting on the floor for dinner,  please ask us beforehand. We can provide you with a chair.

※From 2017, gluten-free meal is newly added.

※From 2017, drink servers (coffee, tea and oolong tea) are installed in front of the office. (free of charge).

※From 2017, the number of rooms with private bath and toilet are increased.

※From 2014, free WiFi access is available in all guest rooms and in the lobby.

※From 2013, guests can use large bath and shower in the morning!
(Opening Hours: 6AM to 9AM and 4PM to 10PM)

※From 2013, we renew all "futons" to thicker and more comfortable ones!
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Japanese-style family room

No smoking No smoking

plan Rate Total For Stay          
Normal Size Meal (THE MAIN & SECOND TRAY) 14,000 yen 28,000 yen 28000    
Medium Size Meal (THE MAIN & SECOND TRAY) 16,000 yen 32,000 yen 32000    
Sumptuous meal (THE MAIN, SECOND & THIRD TRAY) 18,000 yen 36,000 yen 36000    
Gluten-free meal (THE MAIN & SECOND TRAY) 18,000 yen 36,000 yen 36000    

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