HATAGO ISEN   Planning List

ChildA 6-12 years old: with meal and bed
ChildB 4-6 years old: with kids meal and bed
ChildC 1-6 years old: with bed (no meal)
ChildD 0-3 years old:no meal and no bed
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Room and Breakfast

朝食 にいがた朝ごはん
朝食 にいがた朝ごはん
朝食 にいがた朝ごはん 源泉掛け流しの大浴場 書斎の間 吟 うたた寝の間 煌 湯治の間 螢

This is included room and breakfast.
Breakfast: Japanese set meal or western style.

C/IN 2:00 pm.
C/OUT 11:00 am.

Plans Includes breakfast

Half board (Dinner grade up)

にいがた和牛 書斎の間 凛 素材の味を引き出した料理 外観 囲炉裏のロビー

Included room and breakfast, Dinner.

Dinner / Including Up grade dinner
Breakfast / Japanese style

Breakfast time: 7:30am ~ 9:00am
Dinner time: start from 6:00pm or 7:30pm

Plans Other

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