Gyokusuikan since1914   Plan List

ChildA 7〜12 years old
ChildB 4〜6 years old
ChildC 1〜3 years old (accompanying child, no amenities)
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Japanese Style Room(Half Board)

[ Meals ]
- Breakfast : every day during stay (Japanese cuisine)
- Dinner(Kaisenzen) : every day during stay (Japanese cuisine )
Kaisenzen's main dishes are Boiled Red Bream, Ise Lobster Sashimi,Grilled Dancing Abalone.

*Meals may change on a seasonal basis without prior notification.
*Meals are served in private dining room.

[ Hot spring ]
The hot spring bath, Private OUtdoor Bath "Banya",Tropical Outdoor Bath,(NO charge)

All the baths at Gyokusuikan use naturally sourced hot spring water.
It is a"real"natural hot spring where the hot spring keeper takes good care in controlling the temperature pf the hot spring from
two lines of in-house hot spring source at nearly 100℃.

It is a type of sulfate spring, and is good for neuralgia,rheumatism and female illnesses

Hours for men and for women are replaced around 11:00 PM.
Please enjoy the hot spring baths and each of their different styles.

Please ask at the front desk.Please understand that it will be on a first-come-first^served basis for the guests who check in.

Available Term Dec 2 2016 to Dec 31 2020
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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