Wa-Qoo shitaderamachi

WAQOO Shitaderamachi   Planning List

ChildA Children 6-12 years old
ChildB Children 0-5 years old
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【Activity】Matchmaking Temple's ”Morning Religious Service” and ”Rice Porridge”

Activity Activity Buddihist cuisine(Shojin-Ryori) Tatami Room Appearance
A morning activity plan for experiencing "Morning Religious service" at a temple filled with brisk air and tasting healthy "Rice Porridge.
It is suitable to experience it on holidays or in the morning before work!

◆This plan includes◆
・Morning Religious service (at Nearby Temples)
(Rice Porridge)

Plans Room Only
Payment Method Pay when you check in.
Online payments by credit card.
Point(s) grant rate : 5 %
Room Rate Total For Stay          
Experience (morining) 3,240 yen 3,240 yen 0    

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