Mii-dera (Onjo-ji)   Planning List

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◇ Experience unique cultural activities and exquisite cuisine prepared by a visiting chef!

幻想的な雰囲気のライトアップ This garden changes appearance with each season. Main bedroom adjoins the living room and faces the garden. Dinner(an example)

This great-value plan includes a full package of various cultural activities and our visiting chef’s famous food!

Breakfast and Dinner with Activities “Rent-Out Full Package”

One group (2 to 4 people) can take out the whole of WAQOO Mii-dera, which is a reinvention of the Myogon-in priests’ quarters of Mii-dera Temple, for a day, and enjoy both breakfast and dinner.

Spend an amazing time in a tranquil atmosphere befitting this ancient temple.

For breakfast you will be served a Japanese set meal catered by the venerable Shiga kaiseki restaurant Kiyomotorou, and at dinner a special menu will be provided by Kiyomotorou’s head chef who will come here as a visiting chef.

This plan includes:

・One chartered private building

・Breakfast and Dinner

・Special Activity

・Free picking up and dropping off (Kyoto Station, Kansai Airport, Itami Station, Otsu Station, Otsukyo Station)


Available Term Sep 3 2019 to Feb 28 2021
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast
Payment Method on-site payment.
Online payments by credit card.

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