Maru Izumiyacho   Planning List

ChildA 70% of accomodation fee is charged for children who are from 6 to 12 years old.
ChildB Children under 5 years old can stay for free. Extra beds and meals for them are not included.
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MARU Simple Stay [without meals]

The breezy river-deck (May to September)
The breezy river-deck (May to September)
The breezy river-deck (May to September) Appearance Entrance 1st floor Bathroom 1st floor Japanese tatami room

Spend a special time at your own pace in your own villa in Kyoto

Let yourself feel at home as you freely use the amenities within the luxuriously built hall. This is truly a plan for enjoying the essence of the Kyoto villa “MARU”. 
You can go out to town in search of seasonal delicacies, or you can cook local specialty products that you buy at the Nishiki Market etc. Depending on the season, you can also dine elegantly on the breezy river-deck. Do enjoy the charm of MARU in your own way.

Available Term Jul 9 2019 to Dec 31 2020
Plans Room Only

MARU Comfort Stay [with breakfast]

Breakfast 1st floor breezy river-deck(May to September) seen from a Ja 1st floor Dining room / Kitchen 2nd floor Living room 2nd floor Japanese tatami room

Immerse yourself in MARU to your heart's content in lavish style

If your plan comes with breakfast, you can relax to your heart’s content in MARU until checkout.
Breakfast will be freshly prepared from the nearest inn.
The menu is a collection of delicious Kyoto dishes, including obanzai, Kyoto pickles and boiled tofu.
In early summer, you can have fun on the breezy river-deck while in the fall, you can enjoy a view of Mount Higashiyama dyed in autumn colors from the building.

Available Term Jul 10 2019 to Dec 31 2020
Plans Includes breakfast

MARU Luxury Stay [meals included (dinner and breakfast)]

Evening appearance
Evening appearance
Evening appearance Dinner (varies depending on the season) 1st floor Japanese tatami room 2nd floor Bedroom Evening view of Kamogawa

Fully relishing the gourmet of a villa in Kyoto

For dinner and breakfast, you can enjoy the specialties of a nearby inn.
You can fully savor the changing expression of Kyoto over time while staying in MARU.
All the dishes are made using generous amounts of seasonal ingredients in Kyoto
This is a luxurious plan where you can really feel MARU’s concept of “living to eat”.

Available Term Jul 10 2019 to Dec 31 2020
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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