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[Special Plan] Kobe Beef shabu-shabu dinner with small steak

Kobe Beef shabu-shabu dinner with small steak
Kobe Beef shabu-shabu dinner with small steak
Kobe Beef shabu-shabu dinner with small steak Kobe Beef shabu-shabu Japanese garden Guest room hospitality

Kobe Beef shabu-shabu dinner with small steak.
Enjoy the taste of highest rank of Kobe beef with shabu-shabu and steak!

Shabu shabu is a one-pot dish made at the table by cooking vegetables and slices of meat in boiling broth and eaten with a soy-based sauce or ponzu (a sauce containing soy sauce and vinegar or citrus juice).
And also you can enjoy the steak grilled on a hot iron plate.

There will be about 8 dishes in total, including appetizer, Kobe beef shabu-shabu, Kobe beef steak, seasonal sashimi, seasonal rice and a dessert.

Enjoy this original Japanese ryokan-style set meal (10 dishes).
-For the egg dish, you can choose from Japanese omelet (which uses a traditional broth); bacon and egg; Japanese-style poached egg (summer); and chawan mushi, Custard-like egg and vegetable dish steamed in a cup (winter).
-For rice, you can choose from white rice and 3 types of rice porridge (white porridge, potato porridge and seasonal porridge)

*This is available from 7:00am – 10:00am.

[Available rooms]
East wing (12.5 tatami mats), west wing 7th floor guestroom.

We will provide 2 yukatas per person (arrival and when sleeping).
-Traditional onsen socks per person.
-Newspaper (morning, afternoon) per room (no newspaper on newspaper holidays)
-2 room keys per room.
-You can use the room for 23 hours at maximum (13:00 - noon)

[Important Notice]
We want the guests overseas to pay the accommodation charge in advance by credit card.
But you cannot settle an payment at the time of a reservation in the structure of the reservation system, reception clerk shows you the payment procedure later by email.

Available Term Apr 1 2012 to Mar 31 2020
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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