Shikitei   Plan List

ChildA Primary schoolchild
ChildB Infant(3 years old - 6 years old)
ChildC Infant(0 years old - 2 years old)
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Standard Plan 【Half Board】

会席料理(イメージ) 会席料理(イメージ) 【数寄屋造り12畳】(バス無) 露天風呂 大浴場
Traditional kaiseki-style meals changing on a monthly basis and making the best use of local and seasonal ingredients.

◆ Meals◆
18:00〜(The last start time19:30)
Enjoy sashimi from Sanriku, or the ocean off Aomori, Iwate and part of Miyagi prefectures, local Iwate beef, and many other carefully selected local ingredients.

7:30〜(The last start time8:30)
Please have the breakfast which is kind to both a body and a heart relaxedly.

Available Term Jan 13 2017 to Dec 31 2020
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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