Ryokan Kouno-yu   Planning List

ChildA Dinner and Breakfast with Futon and amenity
ChildB Dinner only
ChildC No meal and japanese bed
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[Onsen Beauty Plan] With Special Privileges! Recommended to all Women!

A plan created after the proprietress decided she wanted others “to be able to enjoy a great quality onsen from their very own home!” 'Kurokawa Spa Mist' is a lotion filled purely with the fantastic onsen waters of the hotel. 

Those with sensitive skin can rest assured and use this lotion with confidence as no additives, preservatives, or alcohol is included. 

What's more is that this lotion isn't only cram-packed full of onsen waters – it also has photocatalysis functions which encourage the skin to be more absorbent than with usual onsen waters.

Spraying this lotion onto your skin before your everyday skin care routine will encourage the skin to have increased absorption of any skin lotions, moisturizers, or creams applied afterwards. 

Over 35,000 bottles have already been sold!
All staff at the hotel (including the males) highly recommends Kurokawa Spa Mist. (They even opt to use it themselves!) Aim for beautiful, clear skin with the proprietresses’ recommended Kurokawa Spa Mist.

Customers with this plan receive the below 3 items:
- 80g bottle of “Kurokawa Spa Mist” per adult
- 1 mini trial set of horse oil aroma cream
- 1 face pack which will no doubt provide the user with beautiful skin if used in conjunction with the onsen

It really is a fantastic assortment!

*Breakfast and dinner will be served in the restaurant.
*We regret that cards cannot be used for this plan. Please take this into consideration before your reservation. 
Available Term Apr 1 2017 to Apr 30 2019
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

[Exquisite Higo Beef Shabu-shabu Hot Pot Plan]

The wonderful nature of Kurokawa Onsen, Aso changes with each and every season. 
This hotel not only has a relaxing location among the mountains, is it also accompanied by their wonderful, public open-air onsen.

The evening meal is also very highly rated! It consists not only of Higo Beef Shabu-shabu Hot Pot, but also side dishes such as the Kumamoto specialty of seared horsemeat sashimi, and a desert made with Jersey milk!
All dishes on the menu contain an abundance of seasonal Oguni-go vegetables that are kind to the body. 

Come to relax and get away from it all!
Available Term Mar 1 2018 to Apr 30 2019
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

[Evening Meal Upgrade] Thickly Sliced “Kuwayaki” Higo Beef

The thing this hotel is most proud of has to be its carefully selected ingredients! In particular, special consideration is taken into account with regards to the quality of Higo Beef.

While plans usually include Higo Beef Shabu-shabu Hot Pot as the main dish of the evening meal, this plan is unique in the fact that it offers none other than a generous serving of tender Higo Beef steaks cooked on a Kuwayaki Teppan!

The meal is prepared in the restaurant, ensuring that the smell doesn’t linger in your room. 

Customers can even choose the incense to burn in their room before their meal!
The smell of incense will no doubt enhance your sleep!
Available Term Mar 1 2018 to Apr 30 2019
Plans Includes dinner & breakfast

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